How To Market Your Private Practice 2021

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You’ve trained, you’ve set up a business, there’s just one small problem – you don’t have any clients!


With the best will in the world, your hours of research and set up costs will all be in vain unless you know how to market your private practice.

Read on to find out how you can generate paying clients for your business.

Professional Directories

Professional body directories are some of the most trafficked business websites.  As they only list professionals, they are trusted as a business resource, and are a great way to have your business listed and be found online. There is a yearly subscription, but many will allow you to list several details about your business. These include BACP, Psychology Today, British Acupuncture Council and CNHC Complementary and Natural Health Council.

A Professional Website

There are many websites out there so you need yours to look clean, professional, and easy to navigate.  It is worth paying for a professional to design and build a website for you, and always use professional, or at least professional looking photographs. Include one of yourself, and if possible, make a welcoming video like the one on our website – nothing is better for building trust.  

While not everyone will find you via your website, most people will check you out on there, particularly if they are deciding between therapists. They are looking for reassurance they have made the right decision. So make sure that you list your qualifications and accreditations along with some testimonials.

Google My Business

Once you have your website up and running, register with Google My Business to make sure it can be found. Google My Business also includes a business profile, which you can edit, and space for reviews etc. Registering is free and will also improve your ranking in a Google search.

Start A Therapy Blog

You can add a therapy blog, to your website. It’s a great way to get you and your business noticed. Update it regularly with your thoughts and advice on relevant subjects to build your reputation.  If putting into words what you do isn’t your thing, take advantage of our blog writing and copy writing service.

Social Media

Many people today find businesses on social media and so it is a powerful tool to have.  It can be hard to keep up with so many platforms, but it is advisable to be on at least two. Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are popular. Twitter is fast moving but some businesses are also taking advantage of TikTok. Instagram is great for finding clients, whilst LinkedIn is used more widely to connect professionals. If you struggle for content, we are looking at launching some helpful options in the future, but as a rule, share tips and advice as well as links to useful information and of course your blog. If you’re comfortable with video, short video clips and reels will help your account grow.


In person networking may have been on hold recently, but we successfully restarted our centre coffee mornings this month. Such events are a great way to meet like-minded therapists and make new leads. They may have clients that need your services. Keep a look out for these events in your local area.

Contribute to Local Websites, Podcasts and Magazines

Lots of local publications and podcasts are always on the lookout for guest posts/speakers.  Whilst they are usually unpaid, it can be another way to generate interest in your business, and advertising in such would normally cost. Offer your opinion on current health and wellness issues. 

Work on your Branding

What makes you different? Chances are there are lots of similar businesses out there.  What’s your USP (Unique Selling Point)? Is your business very niche? Or what makes you a specialist in your field?  This again ties in with blogging and social media.  You need to keep your branding consistent.  This applies to everything from ‘the voice you write in’, right through to your brand colours and logo.  If you need help with this, this is something else we aim to launch in the near future, so keep an eye out for further updates. 

Taster Sessions and Open Days

We often forget that whilst we might know our business inside out, someone seeking therapy may not.  They may be put off by not really knowing what’s involved and afraid to commit financially until they’ve at least had a taster. Freebies are always popular, so if you could have an open day or give tasters of your services at things like wellbeing events, it can bring in new clients. Offer a 10 minutes taster session or free initial consultation.  Offer to talk or show what you do at relevant events.

Putting these methods into practice, alongside working with somewhere like our centre which will promote you as part of your usage, and you should soon find interest in your private practice.

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