each room is designed with both you and your clients in mind

Therapy and treatment Rooms to Rent

Welcome to our selection of adaptable and elegant consulting/therapy rooms. We are proud to offer ten premium rooms, plus the use of our lush private rear garden

 Each of our rooms has been designed and created with the principle of healing at its very core. With our brand colour scheme throughout you can ensure that whichever room you choose at the centre, your client is guaranteed the same calming experience within a safe, soothing environment. 

 Our furnishings boast both style and practicality, with our attention to detail including energy healing art work in each room.  

 The Centres flexible booking arrangements are unique. An online system means you can instantly check availability and secure a room whilst on the telephone to your client.

 As a therapist you can rest assured that the safety of you and your client is paramount.  For this reason the centre is fitted with CCTV, each room is lockable and therapists have use of a kitchenette area included in your booking for comfort.

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Willow Garden

Willow Garden

Did you know you can visit the centre and view our therapy rooms.

Sage Therapy Centre Room Rental Tour

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