Terms & Conditions

Sage Therapy Centre Terms and Conditions

Effective April 4th, 2022

Your Acceptance

Thank you for choosing to use Sage Therapy Centre’s rooms and services.

  • This agreement is between Sage Therapy Centre Ltd 12231789 and the person (you) or company agreeing to these terms.
  • You warrant that you are over the age of eighteen and have the power and authority to enter into and perform your obligations under this agreement. If you enter this agreement on behalf of your company, then ‘you’ in the remainder of this agreement means your company, and you warrant that you are properly authorised to bind your company to this agreement.
  • You agree to the terms of this agreement when you register as a therapist online by ticking ‘I agree’ and signing the registration form presented to you before submitting. If you do not agree to the agreement, please do not tick ‘I agree’ and do not continue with the registration process.
  • The agreement becomes binding on the date that Sage Therapy Centre makes the services available to you by becoming a registered user via our online booking system.
  • Sage Therapy Centre may suspend or terminate this agreement immediately without providing notice if you are in breach of this agreement, or you have failed to pay for room rental or any other services.
  • You may also terminate this agreement at any time by emailing natalie@sagetherapycentre.co.uk with your termination request. If you have outstanding balances for services, the agreement will not be terminated until paid.           

Room Rental Charges

  • Sage Therapy Centre room rental charges are as follows:
  • Main block bookings are highlighted in grey

1 hour £13

90 mins £19.50

2 hours £26

3 hours £34.50

4hours £36

5 hours £45

6 hours £48

7 hours £52.50

8 hours £56

9 hours £63

10 hours £70

11 hours £77

12 hours £84

(You) will be given 3 months’ notice of any room rental price increases.

  • Room rental charges are for the therapy room and its furniture during the booking time only. (You) will need to supply their own specialist equipment. Sage Therapy Centre cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of any such items.
  • Whilst Sage Therapy Centre will endeavour to offer the room booked, Sage Therapy Centre has the right to change the room allocation for a session if necessary. This will always be communicated to (you) before the session starts.
  • Block booking discounts are only applied when the same room, date and time is booked. Block booking discounts can not be used over different rooms, different days or different times. All other bookings will be charged separately per room, per time, per day.
  • Storage cabinets can be rented monthly, subject to availability. (You) will supply their own padlock for security and must only store work related equipment in them. Sage Therapy Centre will have no access or keys to these cabinets. For monthly hire, the payment will be invoiced monthly and must be paid within 7 days of receipt or can be paid at the centre via card at the end of each month. Sage Therapy Centre takes no responsibility for your equipment being damaged, faulty or lost. Theft of your equipment will be covered via the Centre’s insurance in the event of a break in only. If you fail to keep up monthly payments for ongoing locker rental, your equipment will be removed. For regular monthly rentals, please provide 1 weeks’ notice in writing if no longer required.

Locker Storage Charges are as follows:

Monthly: £25 (80cm x 45cm)

Opening Hours & Cancellations

  • Sage Therapy Centre requires a minimum of 24hours notice of room cancellations, this also includes any room amendments to the time booked, room booked, or date booked. Failure to do so will result in the full room rate being charged.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours’ notice must be cancelled via your Therapeuta booking dashboard on the website therapeuta.com. An invoice will be generated for all cancellations fees that are due. The invoice will be sent to your email address that you provided when registering. Failure to pay will result in breach of contract, which could result in termination of services.  
  • Cancellations before 24 hours’ notice are cancelled via your Therapeuta dashboard on the website (link found above) there will be no charge for these cancellations, and it will automatically cancel your room booking.
  • Text messages to centre management won’t be accepted as a form of cancellation or as a form of booking. Please use either your login to Therapeuta, an email to the centre natalie@sagetherapycentre.co.uk or call us on 0115 9167355 to book or cancel.
  • Multiple room rental cancellations in a four-week period may result in your registration being terminated.
  • Opening Hours Monday to Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm; Saturday 9:00 – 3:00pm; Sunday closed. Anything outside of these hours must be approved by Sage Therapy Centre Management.       

Licences, Insurance & Qualifications/Professional Memberships   

  • (You) are personally responsible for the safe provision of your services, including but not limited to the arrangement and maintenance of all necessary public liability and Professional Indemnity insurances and registrations, or any other such policy to cover your work at Sage Therapy Centre.
  • New copies must be sent to Sage Therapy Centre if your public liability, Professional Indemnity insurances and registrations are renewed or updated.
  • Sage Therapy Centre holds a massage and Skin Piercing Licence with the Nottingham City Council. Massage Therapist must complete the Nottingham city council’s section 2 form and be added to the premises licence before room rental can commence. Skin piercing services must hold an individual skin piercing licence and be listed on Sage Therapy Centre’s premises licence. Documentation to do this can be found on the Nottingham City Council Website: http://documents.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/download/7327
  • Sage Therapy Centre reserves the right to refuse room rental to anyone that doesn’t hold the appropriate licences, qualifications or insurances.
  • (You) can only enter the online booking platform once all Licences, Insurances, qualifications, professional memberships, GDPR, terms & conditions and registration forms have been completed and original documents have been seen by Sage Therapy Centre

Usage Of Rooms 

  • Any services must be consistent with those stated in your registration form. Any additional services must be first agreed in writing by Sage Therapy Centre.
  • (You) agree that you’ll not seek to enter the room before the designated start time of the session or likewise will vacate the room, at or before the agreed finishing time.
  • At the end of each session (you) agree to leave the room as you found it, in a neat and tidy state. Removing all equipment and belongings.
  • Sage Therapy Centre reserves the right to change equipment, decoration, furniture or fittings in the rooms where necessary. If renovation work is required, where possible four weeks’ notice will be given.
  • (You) agree to pay in full for any damages caused during the session. This applies to equipment, fittings and fixtures. Room audits and checks will be completed by Sage Therapy Centre between each session.
  • Rooms can only be used by (you) who completed the room rental registration form, rooms cannot be sub-let, assigned or shared to anyone else other than (you) who made the original room booking.
  • Skin piercing needles must go into your own sharps box. Any needles found on the floor or in other areas of the room, may result in terminating room rental.  


  • All room rental charges must be paid on the day of rental. Either before the room rental has commenced or directly after, via card or via monthly invoice (Invoicing is by prior agreement only). One off, single hour time slots must be paid via card on the day, this is mandatory and cannot be invoiced.
  • Sage Therapy Centre takes no responsibility for payments between (you) and your clients.
  • Monthly Invoices must be paid within 28 days from the date of receipt. Late payment may result in room rental being paid for in advance only, or refusal of rental.    

Reception Facilities and Services

  • Reception opening times are Monday to Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm And Saturday 9:00am – 3:00pm. Reception facilities and service are provided at Sage Therapy Centre’s discretion.
  • A key may be allocated to (You) for Sage Therapy Centre. Any keys allocated are at the sole discretion of Sage Therapy Centre management. If (you) are allocated with a key, (you) agree and accept that if the key(s) is lost, it will be at your cost to replace the external door locks and any costs associated with it.
  • If (you) are the last to leave Sage Therapy Centre and a receptionist is not available, (you) assume responsibility for locking all doors, windows and turning off all equipment and lighting.
  • (You) can book your room directly with reception if you don’t wish to use the online booking system.           

Directory Marketing

  • (You) will be solely responsible for marketing your own business. Whilst we endeavour to list your’ services, literature and website, Sage Therapy Centre does not take any responsibility for marketing your services.
  • Sage Therapy Centre will remove any business cards, leaflets or web listing if (you) have not purchased room rental in the last three months or your agreement has been terminated either by the (you) or the centre management.
  • Inclusion into the therapist’s directory will only take place after your first paid room rental. Your photographs, bio’s, social links, information of availability and prices, along with your speciality/services are all supplied by yourself and not a service provided by Sage Therapy Centre. It’s your own responsibility to inform us of any changes or updates to your details provided.   
  • Referrals that are received via Sage Therapy Centre’s platforms should then consequently be seen in the centre space.   
  • Sage Therapy Centre’s address should not be used for your deliveries or any correspondence, mail or parcels of any kind, unless prior approval is granted by, and at the sole discretion of Sage Therapy Centre management.

Additional Services

Sage Therapy Centre offer (you) additional services which are not contractual obligations and are provided at Sage Therapy Centre’s discretion. The continuation of these services are not guaranteed and can be removed at any time. 

  • Wi-Fi Access – Please collect Wi-Fi code from the Sage Therapy Centre reception. The use of the Wi-Fi is for your use only. The Wi-Fi code will be changed bimonthly.
  • Displaying business cards and leaflets – It’s your responsibility to restock your own business cards and leaflets.
  • Facebook closed networking group – Once registered (you) will be invited to join our closed Sage Therapy Centre networking group. This is to communicate with other room user in the Centre. You do not have to accept the invitation if you do not wish to be part of the group.
  • Monthly Coffee Mornings – Each month Sage Therapy Centre will aim to hold a coffee morning. This will be a chance to communicate with other likeminded professionals. Attendance is at your discretion.
  • Attending Corporate Events – When Sage Therapy Centre attends events to promote the Centre they may ask a few professionals if they would like to attend. This is a chance to offer free taster sessions and potential for gaining new clients. Please let Sage Therapy Centre Management know if it’s something you are interested in. The decision will be on a first come first served basis and at Sage Therapy Centre’s sole discretion only.
  • Recommend a therapist to us – When recommending a professional to us via our website. You are entitled to a free one-hour room rental. To redeem your free one-hour room rental you must already be registered with us. Your free hour will be redeemable when the recommended therapist books and pays for their first room rental. The promotion is not redeemable for cash or transferable and at Sage Therapy Centre’s sole discretion only.

Services Not Offered

  • Receptionist do not take bookings for (Your) Clients. Any Client looking for service recommendations will be directed to our therapist directory page on the Sage Therapy Centre website: https://sagetherapycentre.co.uk/therapists/

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