How To Find A Therapy Room And What To Consider 2021

Therapy Rooms To Rent In Nottingham

You’ve completed your training and you’re ready to go, but what next?

There are lots of things to consider before you even see your first paying client. First you need to find a therapy room. Take a read of this post for a few tips to help you on your way, plus what you need to consider when searching.

Where will you work?

This might be obvious, but where you see your clients needs to be thought about carefully. 

Do you want to see them in your own home?  It might seem convenient and save travelling, but you need to weigh up the pros and cons.  Do you want to give your address out to strangers?  Do you want people coming to your family home?  Is it the right environment for your therapy?  If you have family, pets, how will it fit around them? Will your client feel comfortable being in someone else’s home?

The pandemic saw an increase in the purchase of sheds and outbuildings as a solution to the home office or treatment room.  This is another option to consider.  It does give you more control over your space, however you still need to think about things such as the cost of heating, the fact that you will still be required to have toilet facilities (which will likely mean access to your property).  Interest has also seen waiting times for the build or assembly increase, so factor in the timescale too when you’re planning, and also whether you’ll need planning permission.

Also consider the location.  Is it accessible for all, easy to get to by foot or on public transport. Is there parking if your client is driving.

You could of course consider going to their home, but that too can raise issues. Safety should of course remain a priority.  If you are going out on appointments, make sure someone else has access to your diary and the details.  You could also put ‘Location’ on if you use ‘WhatsApp’ and set up your phone for emergency contact. Although chances are you probably will be fine, sadly in today’s times it is always best to be cautious. 

Neither option offers a neutral ground, something which can often be a benefit when giving therapy, particularly with something such as counselling.

Set Up Your Own Centre


Another option is to set up your own centre.  If you’re just starting out in the business, this can be both a costly and risky option.  You could rent a building, but be prepared to make sure the landlord is happy with any alterations you have in mind to make it suitable for visiting clients, as well as health and safety regulations. You also need to confirm your rental terms.  Too short a contract and you could end up losing money on any work you’ve carried out to the building.  Too long a contract and if things don’t work out you’re stuck paying the rent on a building not in use

Rent A Therapy Room

Look for rooms advertised.  You might find some options available at local village halls, gyms, hair salons or community centres and they can often be a relatively cheap option, however, do they fit your brand? If you’re offering a premium service or a relaxing option, the decor and amenities can make a difference. Do your research and visit at the times you intend to use it.  Is it quiet or is there a function next door or people passing outside your room every five minutes.

Our option of rentable rooms saves not only the risk of renting or buying a property as well as the worry, but also the overheads associated with it, such as gas, electric and business rates which you would need to cover. The fact that you can rent on an ad-hoc basis means you are only paying for the space as and when you need it, essentially cutting your costs. Plus each room is furnished and ready to use. You also benefit from a host of other resources and promotion which is included when you register as a therapist and book, as well as joining our supportive community of therapists.


Finding a Rentable Therapy Room

If you’ve decided that renting a room is the right thing for you, finding one is the next step.  Check out online directories such as and which feature centres and rooms. Google is always a good place to search too and allows you to read independent reviews left by other visiting therapists.  Speak to a few and get their honest feedback.

Social Media is also another place you can search. Therapy centres will actively post if they have rooms available. Have a look through their posts on Facebook and Instagram, see what they’re talking about, along with any comments.

These tips should help you decide which is the right option for you.  Then you can start to think about the facilities you need too.

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