Rachel Moroz

I am a general registered nurse with over 15 years of experience, primarily working on busy NHS hospital wards. During the COVID pandemic, I decided to explore new avenues and enrolled in a five-element acupuncture course in Leamington Spa.  

I also started receiving acupuncture treatments myself for frequent headaches, which had become a daily occurrence requiring painkillers. After just a few sessions, my headaches were resolved, and I rarely get one now! Since then, acupuncture has become my preferred healthcare option, and I’ve used it to treat back pain, stress, and to enhance my general wellbeing. The results I’ve witnessed from acupuncture for my clients so far, especially for conditions where traditional Western medicine has been ineffective, have been astonishing. The results continue to amaze me everyday and I wish I had discovered it sooner!


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Clinic Days

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First appointment: £70

Follow up appointments: £45

Cupping: £25 for 25 minutes

Areas of Specialities

Five-Element Acupuncture 

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