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Kai Scott-Jays

Hi there! Just a quick introduction so you can get a bit of a feel for what I’m about and why I have a passion for what I do.

 My name is Kai, I’m originally from Birmingham but have also lived in Leeds & Scunthorpe, so don’t be surprised when my accent doesn’t sound local. I enjoy learning new things and exploring in nature, with a particular interest in breaks away to remote areas that give great views of the night sky. 

I started my journey helping others to grow and see their potential, as a humanistic counsellor at Nottingham Uni in 2017. I felt my practice wasn’t quite complete and after a traumatic family event I was feeling a thick, dark cloud over me like I’d never experienced before, that I didn’t feel able to shift alone. After a personal angel card reading I was guided to find a reiki practitioner and after my first session, I went back a month or so later to learn. I began practicing reiki in 2018 with myself, so that I could bring myself back to balance and heal what was necessary. 

Since 2020 I’ve been practicing reiki at master level, combining what I’ve learned in the field of counselling and coaching. 

I specialise in helping women who procrastinate + self-sabotage, create a vision for their future by setting boundaries and mastering their spirit with mindfulness & energy healing.

Reiki can also help people with chronic pain to feel relaxed and come back to a state of calm. People also use reiki to recovery from surgery and manage side effects from medications. Reiki is for everyone, as it’s sole benefit is to bring the energy body back to a state of balance and our bodies needs to be within balance in order to self heal. 

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Clinic Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am -4pm And Friday 12pm -4pm 


1:1 £55 (1hr10mins)

Areas of Specialities

Childhood Trauma

Adult Trauma

Personal Development

Mental Clarity and Emotional Regulation

Communication Development

Procrastination & Dissociation

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