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Abigael Walton-Mowbray

Changing Leaves Play Therapy 

Witnessing a child or young person in your care go through an emotional time can be overwhelming. Knowing what to do for the best can be stressful when many therapeutic options can seem serious. Play therapy is a holistic and child-centered therapeutic approach that can support you and your child. Through play, they will naturally explore and communicate their experiences and create healthy coping mechanisms for the future.

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Clinic Days

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£55- £65 

Areas of Specialities

Abuse (Emotional, Physical, Sexual)



Physical Disabilities


Poor school attendance

Attachment Issues

Separated/ divorced parents

Autistic Spectrum

Social Exclusion

Behaviour Problems


Bereavement/ Loss

Unauthorized absences

Bullied/ Bullies issues

Underperforming (Academically, Socially)

Communication problems

Withdrawn personality

Delayed development

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