Physiotherapy Nottingham

Shivani Soni

Hi! I’m Shivani, Lead Physio for Step Up Rehab. 

Step Up Rehab is here to offer you assessment and treatment of your injury/pain. 

I will ensure goals are discussed with you so you understand what outcomes to expect and what we are striving towards. 

Throughout treatment, we will discuss a variety of treatment options such as acupuncture, soft tissue massage or mobilisations, or exercise-based therapy as well as Clinical Pilates. 

If you’re unsure about whether physiotherapy is for you, why not book in a 15-minute initial assessment where we will establish if this is something that can be improved with physiotherapy input or you require another intervention. 

If I deem physiotherapy is not the right step for you, I will advise you to the correct professional as appropriate!

Contact Shivani Soni
Clinic Days

Thursdays 11:00 – 15:00

Fridays 11:00- 15:00

Saturdays upon request. 


Contact for more information on price list.

Areas of Specialities

MSK Physiotherapy, with a background of acute medicine and neurological conditions. 

Did you know you can visit the centre and view our therapy rooms.

Sage Therapy Centre Room Rental Tour

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