Mandeep Kaur

I am a naturally gifted Psychic Medium and Healer. I come from a lineage of healers, but it wasn’t until my early 30’s that I delved deeper into this energy. I now offer my natural gifts with qualifications attained over the years on a professional basis. 

I work on a regular basis with the well acclaimed Tv company ‘Psychic Today’ aired daily on Sky, I do much LIVE Facebook readings on their page as well as on my own page Mandeep Kaur Psychic Medium Healer. 

I am very attuned naturally, thus all my work is done on a soul level. I am an empathetic healer, I pick up on people’s energy deeply. I have qualifications in Mindfulness, Counselling, & CBT which has given me an understanding in the different complexities of life. I took up a course in Tantra, because believe in soul connections, this is something that fascinates me. 

I run Psychic Development workshops but also on a one to one basis, where you will learn how to ground and protect your energy. I teach you meditation techniques and how to read cards for yourself and for someone else. I teach you how to open your third eye, trust in that gut feeling; your intuition. 

I have run Meditation groups, healing groups, women’s groups. I am highly passionate about women coming together, healing together, being at one together. I have held a charity Mind Body Soul event, raising funds for my son’s special need’s school. I have set up Meditation and Indian Head Massage sessions for free for parents of special need’s children, giving them some much needed ‘me’ time. 

I am attuned to the ancient healing modality Lemurian Healing, dating back to the age of the Lemurian’s and Atlantis. This is a highly powerful energy, connecting to and opening up the heart centre, the centre point to all the chakras, bringing you to a high vibration and frequency. 

I work from a place that is pure, that is as powerful as it is gentle and this is from the heart, the most purest place of all. There is nothing greater than Love. 

Thank you for your time in reading my bio, I hope we connect

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Areas of Specialities

Psychic Mediumship
Lemurian Healing
Reiki Healing
Sound Healing
Inner Dance Healing
Past Life Regression
Indian Head Massage

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