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A warm welcome from myself Jodie Hazel, you have been guided to Natural Vibes x energy healings to make a transformation in your wellbeing and to empower yourself to heal naturally.

I have personally been on a healing journey since discovering our body and mind are so powerful, we can reclaim our health, wealth and create our own reality. Using energy healing every day for the last 7 years has changed my life, I have transformed to the truest authentic version of myself and feel the most grounded and peaceful I have ever felt!
This transformation took place by releasing energy imprints, baggage from past, low confidence and self-esteem, generational trauma and pain, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and blocks to abundance. I made a new conscious choice to release all echoes of the past that kept me powerless.

After transforming my own health, wealth, and future, I discovered my life’s purpose is to help guide others to step out of “illusions’ and get back to your inner knowing. We all have the power within us to break free from the old that holds us back and energy healing helps us manifest this. When you’re ready to make a change and you become aware of what is limiting you, you recognise you want to be happier. Do you relate? Healing is like peeling off layers that aren’t you, other people’s energy and old thoughts and behaviours to become the most authentic version of you. By raising my vibration and taking care of my own mind, body, and soul I have reversed acne, insomnia, fatigue and improved my mental health. This has inspired me to train in multiple therapies to be able to help guide others find their new vibration.

I have now been practising Reiki for seven years, teaching for three and have used my gift in my own truly life changing experiences. When I was 28 weeks pregnant, I was rushed into hospital after losing half of my blood through placenta previa and other complications. I had an emergency C section at 34 weeks, which meant my baby was premature too. I was on bed rest for 6 weeks prior in hospital to monitor me and my unborn child. I used reiki on myself before and after my C section. This helped me bond with Demi before she was born. In such a unique situation, I had the time and resource to focus on healing and survival, so all I did was meditate and give me and Demi reiki for 8 hours every day! She used to kick and press her feet onto my fingers as she felt the energy. This is where I awoke spiritually!
Before she was delivered, we were told she would be on the neonatal unit for at least 2 weeks and weigh around 2 pounds. When she was delivered, she weighed 5-pound 2 oz and was in the unit for only 51 hours and bounced straight back! After my C section and operation, they needed to after I continued to use reiki every day, and after 9 days after I was walking with no pain killers!

Now this is what drives me to tell my story and spread the word about how natural healing can be used in every family on the planet. I pride myself of teaching how energy healing can be truly life changing for my clients and their families.
She is my reason why behind my mission, my soul purpose and she has helped me heal into the truest highest authentic version of myself. Angels are disguised as daughters. I continue to use this beautiful energy every day on us both, from helping us sleep, grounding our emotions, to enriching our food before we eat. It truly is a blessed lifestyle, and one I am grateful to be able to share with you now. 

Since becoming a mother and seeing the true beauty of energy healing, I trained in several energy therapies to continuously clear what had been holding me back and it worked! The more you release the lighter you feel, as your life reflects your thoughts and beliefs. After the results from the powerful techniques, I have developed specific treatments and services to help guide you to shift and take responsibility for your health and empower your life through teaching tools to help release the past! Follow my social media pages to learn and gain more insight around natural healing and how to empower yourself through natural energy.

Enlighten your energy with a Reiki session; a natural energetic cleanse which sends healing energy flowing through the body benefiting the spiritual body and the mind, realigning and balancing your chakras.
The more you relax, the better the parasympathetic system works. Reiki helps to optimize our body system by calming it and preventing ageing and destruction within.
I am a non-contact energy healer but during work on your aura you may experience heat, coldness, or tingling. Everyone’s experience is unique. The treatment will transmute negative energy into positive, ground you to the present moment, revitalising and restoring your emotional and physical health,

I also offer Level 1, 2 and 3 Reiki training and attunements. Please contact me to book a consultation to answer any questions you may have and find out more!

 Love and light

 Jodie Hazel x


Contact Jodie Hazel
Clinic Days

Contact Jodie directly for clinic days 


1 hour of pure Reiki for £33. Book 3 sessions and receive 1 for free.

90 minute energy clearing session, including guided meditation, reiki and angel card reading for £44,

Areas of Specialities

Quantum Reiki for natural energy alignment 

Chakra Balancing 

Reiki Training Levels 1,2 & 3

Did you know you can visit the centre and view our therapy rooms.

Sage Therapy Centre Room Rental Tour

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