Access Consciousness Nottingham

Joanne Farries

Sometimes we need a little support whether that be to guide us to the next step or help us through challenging times.

I started my journey as a massage therapist in 2005 and moved towards hypnotherapy and EFT , in search of my own answers to a traumatic Birth. Also adding colour mirrors,  using Colour to change our mood and vibration,  this has also supported me through grief . 

If you feel drawn to work with me, we can have a chat about what I do and how I can be of service to you. 

Contact Joanne Frries
Clinic Days

Contact Joanne directly for clinic days


£55 – 60  minutes

£80 – 90 minutes

Areas of Specialities

Birth related trauma

Did you know you can visit the centre and view our therapy rooms.

Sage Therapy Centre Room Rental Tour

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