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Past Life Regression with Quantum Healing. In short this is a bit like a spiritual check up, where you visit a past life significant to today and go on to visit the soul realm. As we go through that life you will see who is in your life today and what lessons you have chosen to learn this time around.

We also cover a body scan, looking for any shadows, attachments of old memories or thought forms that may be lingering in the aura and release them.
Your regression will take between two and four hours. There is no rush, this is your journey.


My experience in hypnotherapy has led me to specialise in past life regression with quantum healing. This is a most deep and thorough method of regression. A past life regression generally covers one or two past lives. I investigate those past lives, who are in those lives and your lives today and assist the client in discovering how that life transitioned to the Soul Realm. This provides affirmation that the soul exists beyond our physical self.

From there we investigate their soul realm group and the client’s purpose in the soul group. A body scan is taken to seek out old memories of past life trauma that may be lingering in the aura of the person today. The client is encouraged to provide me with a list of questions they seek answers for. Under hypnosis I seek answers and advice from the Inner Self regarding those questions

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Past Life Regression

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