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Anca Cristina

Greetings and welcome to True Healing. My mission is to offer support on your healing journey. True healing begins in the mind because of the power of our thoughts. When the mind is restored to health then the body heals. 

My spiritual journey began by practising Mindfulness Meditation and over time I progressed to more advanced spiritual programmes.The Buddhists teach that the mind is unskilled, they call it ‘the monkey mind,’ this mind needs to be calm and made aware of its unrelenting thinking, only then can true healing in the body begin. There is also great need to bring past traumas to the light of awareness, because they lie deep in the dark recesses of the unconscious mind, governing our thought processes, our behaviour, and indeed our lives.

I use healing methods such as Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Mindfulness Meditation. I am a spiritual teacher in A Course in Miracles and practise true forgiveness. My own need for healing has radically transformed my awareness. I have changed my career from the mechanical thought processes of Engineering, to surrender to a higher power, and to flow with it, which allows me to join with others to help, support and serve them.

Reiki is a gentle Japanese healing technique which assists the natural healing of mind and body. Reiki has strengthened my spiritual connection in the realisation that to heal is to make whole, it has broadened my experience in healing others. Reiki helps balance and release energy, it brings peace to reduce anxiety, strengthens the immune system, encourages emotional release, reduces stress and has many more benefits.

Mindfulness Meditation is focused attention with purpose, in the present moment, without judgment. Mindfulness can dramatically reduce pain and our emotional reaction to it. It improves mood, quality of life, working memory, emotional intelligence and provides a great antidote to stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and irritability. Mindfulness has empowered me to deal with these costly falsehoods and increased my ability to focus.

Emotional Healing Technique (EFT) is a powerful and rapid solution to release emotional stress and anxiety; it is also an effective treatment in alleviating physical and mental pain. EFT is easy and improvement is often rapid. EFT is very effective and the results are often astounding.

There is great joy and fulfilment seeing the transformation that occurs. Perhaps you might consider you are reading these words for a reason, and that your suffering has brought you to this point.

Together let us end this cyclic pain-filled experience. I invite you to contact me to find out more or book your session. Our healing journey starts here.

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Clinic Days

Monday – Saturday  


60 Minutes £40

Areas of Specialities

Usui Reiki 

Emotional Freedom Technique 


Did you know you can visit the centre and view our therapy rooms.

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