How I Discovered Hypnobirthing – Michelle Rensler

I discovered hypnobirthing whilst pregnant (and terrified of labour) with my first child. I discussed my birth preferences with my midwife, who suggested I look into it. I had been practicing yoga for a long time and the physical benefits are well known but the less commonly known mental benefits of yoga are substantial. In addition to flexibility and strength, yoga has some amazing, deeply-rooted effects on the brain too. 

Yoga practice can release serotonin in the brain which decreases anxiety and depression, and also dopamine which improves mood and gives you that natural high feeling you get after a workout. 

It’s the things we can do with the mind and how powerful it is which fascinate me, and experiencing hypnobirths with both children, despite being induced and neither baby wanting to come into the world, I had the most magical and calm births.  This led me to want to share the potential of Hypnobirthing and how it can help women during childbirth.  The practice is becoming fairly commonplace in homes and labour suites across the world as a way of birthing gently, welcoming the baby into a world of calmness rather than trauma and fear which it is believed can affect a child. It has most recently been mentioned by Tyrone in Coronation Street!

Don’t be misled by the name.  Hypnotherapy itself is not the swinging of a pocket-watch that people might associate it with from the old movies, and you are always in control. Hypnobirthing similarly uses the same principles of deep relaxation to achieve an altered state of conscious awareness. The women are always fully in control and aware of what is happening to them and those around them. What hypnobirthing aims to do is help women focus and enhance their birthing experience.

Through my work I give pregnant women and their partners a positive view of birth and the belief that childbirth does not have to be painful. 


I chose to train with The Calm Birth School as compared to some methods I researched, although it still felt very real, practical, and modern, it also felt very personal, and can be tailored to the individual as opposed to focusing on ‘the perfect birth’. All women are individual and have different birth choices, but the emphasis with my approach is a calm birth for you and your baby.

The idea behind hypnobirthing is that pain in labour is a fear response and that you can avoid it by learning the right techniques. Women’s experience of pain can vary in intensity but beliefs,  fear, tension, and anxiety can worsen it. 

Birth doesn’t need to be the terrifying experience we are conditioned to believe.  Instead, with hypnobirthing, it can be an empowering and enjoyable experience. I will give you the tools to feel confident, calm, in control, and able to make choices that are right for you and your baby.

I will coach you in techniques that you can use in labour including visualisation, affirmations, relaxation, mindfulness, breathwork, and self-hypnosis, in addition to birth positions and the basic physiology of birth.

Hypnobirthing can be used with or without all types of pain relief and can be added to your birth plan and can be taught individually, in couples or as group courses to women from 20 weeks pregnant. 

I will be running a one hour online taster session at 7.30 on  Monday 2 August. If you would like more information or wish to take part, please get in touch.


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